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10 years on the wedding industry!

This figure speaks for itself! Restaurant team meets "our" young around the world. We have earned the right to call them so. Individual approach to realize the dream to create one of the most important events in a person's life - it is our element! The refined interior and landscape hotel will keep forever solemn moments on your wedding photos. Subtle accents banquet dishes created by our chefs will cause the admiration of your guests. A truly European service restaurant team will exceed all your expectations. His mission restaurant staff sees it, is to enable our citizens to come into contact with Europe.

This explains the policy of loyalty:
- Reasonable prices
- Taking into account the financial capacity of each guest
- Campaign Suite, and more.


Join us and we will turn fantasy into reality, fleeting - a night of magic, music, taste and style.
This is your chance to peek into the future!